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Tracking 8,638 players (+0 new players last 24h) with 492,072 kills (+0 last 24h) and 43,458 headshots (8.83%) on 2 servers
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  Hpk
 Fort LKM818 2Fort 24/7 www.LKM818.net (Join) ctf_2fort 72175:15:01 2/30 478,150 42,799 0.0895
 #  Player  Frags  Hs  Hpk  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
1  DXBDEVIL 0 : 6 0 0.00 0% 0 72157:20:09 0 1,000
  The BLU 0 : 6 0 0.00 0% 0 72157:20:09 - 1,000
1  MxM-AL-RUMATHI-MxM 6 : 0 0 0.00 0% 180 72157:20:02 0 1,000
  The RED 6 : 0 0 0.00 0% 7 72157:20:02 - 1,000
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 Fort LKM818 Custom Maps Server #2 FAST D/L www.LKM818.net (Join) cp_fastlane 72166:51:04 0/30 13,922 659 0.0473
 #  Player  Frags  Hs  Hpk  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
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   Daily Awards (Wednesday 1 Apr.)

A Plumbers friend Unknown Country[Sec 7]CurmudgeonMan (9 wrench kills)
Annoying little prick   (Nobody)
Annoying little shit Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (83 bat kills)
Bar Fighter Unknown CountryRoger Smith (4 bottle kills)
Big Gas Blower!   (Nobody)
BIGGEST SINNER! Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (318 kills)
Boomstick? Unknown CountryNumba17 (3 shotgun kills)
Cool guy Unknown CountryHoshi Dreamer (27 sentry guns destroyed)
Cowboy Unknown CountryJohn Galt (11 revolver kills)
Dominator   (Nobody)
Douche Unknown CountryMordeth (14 times sucked blood)
Douche bag   (Nobody)
Douchebag with a stick   (Nobody)
Douchebaggery Unknown CountryXeno.Rayne (190 minigun kills)
Easy Pointer Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (22 dispensers destroyed)
Fag Unknown CountryThe Village Idiot (11 flag captures)
Fag killer Unknown CountryCHAOTIC (16 flag defenses)
Fat bastard thats always hungry! Unknown CountryBadAstronaut[SuB] (44 sandviches eaten)
Fireman Wannabie! Unknown Countrym0unds[SuB] (5 axe kills)
Flamer! Unknown CountryHunterK1 (59 burned backs)
Flamers stick Unknown CountryHow are you? (10 shotgun kills)
Flaming Douche Unknown Country[hadouken]chopstxxx (1 kills with Hadouken)
Gas blower!   (Nobody)
Giver of AIDS Unknown Countryflibber[ASH] (19 syringe kills)
He who likes to "Fist" Unknown CountryBadAstronaut[SuB] (1 fistings)
Helpy Helper Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (43 deployed charges)
I LEECH KILLS!! Unknown CountrymuertaXX (79 medic assists)
I wish I was gangster Unknown Country[LKM818] ebo (6 smg kills)
Jason Wannabie! Unknown CountryCrunchy (7 machete kills)
Jerk with a stick Unknown CountryBrainbread (6 kills with the Sandman)
Kill leecher Unknown Countryflibber[ASH] (63 kill assists)
King of vengence   (Nobody)
Lamer Unknown CountryRoaddog (6 pistol kills)
Little Runt Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (147 scattergun kills)
Mega Gas Blower! Unknown CountryDemosthenes [ESG] (2 kills with deflected rocket)
Mike Tyson Unknown CountryNumba17 (17 KGB kills)
Most BS points Unknown Country[Sec 7]CurmudgeonMan (34452 bonus points)
No skillz Noob Unknown CountryWiltallica (127 rocket kills)
Noooooooooooooooob   (Nobody)
Numbnuts Unknown CountryLint (6 pistol kills)
pole smoker Unknown CountryCHAOTIC (26 pipe bomb kills)
POW POW! Unknown CountryBadAstronaut[SuB] (1 kills with heavy taunt)
Prison Lover Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (46 backstabs)
Prison Shanker Unknown CountrySoda Muffin (49 knifings)
Pussy Unknown CountryEiBWeN (94 snipings)
Ranger Unknown CountryLemon (15 shotgun kills)
Satans Minion! Unknown CountryDemosthenes [ESG] (5 kills with the axtinguisher)
Sicko Unknown CountryxXMOABxx (3 sawed bones)
Sicko with a knife Unknown Countryflibber[ASH] (26 kills with ubersaw)
Sicko! Unknown CountryBadAstronaut[SuB] (85 Natascha kills)
Sissy ass bitch Unknown CountryCHAOTIC (47 pipe bomb kills)
Skill-less Nub Unknown Countryjamen (72 flame burnings)
Tapon thrower! Unknown CountryHunterK1 (5 flare gun kills)
Tech Hater Unknown Countrytrimon (32 sappers placed)
Tech lover Unknown Country[Sec 7]CurmudgeonMan (46 sentry guns built)
Technofreak Unknown Country[Sec 7]CurmudgeonMan (7 sentry kills)
Technostick? Unknown CountryRoaddog (29 shotgun kills)
Wasted Gas   (Nobody)
Weee points!   (Nobody)
Who cares Unknown Country4u2nv (22 ms average connection)
WW2 Nut Unknown CountryOdysseus (6 shovel kills)

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