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Tracking 5,702 players (+1 new players last 24h) with 421,128 kills (+36 last 24h) and 30,907 headshots (7.34%) on 2 servers
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  Hpk
 Fort LKM818 2Fort 24/7 www.LKM818.net (Join) ctf_2fort 65454:05:12 28/30 418,855 30,865 0.0737
 #  Player  Frags  Hs  Hpk  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
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 Fort LKM818 Custom Maps Server #2 FAST D/L www.LKM818.net (Join) ctf_well 65454:35:05 13/30 2,273 42 0.0185
 #  Player  Frags  Hs  Hpk  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
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   Daily Awards (Tuesday 5 Jan.)

Absolutely Stunning United statesHotshot404 (11 stuns)
Assistance United statesAustinguru (68 kill assists)
Axe-O-Mania United statesLint (3 axe kills)
Axtinguisher United statesAce (54 kills with the axtinguisher)
Backburner United statesRedClaw666 (90 burned backs)
Backstabber United states[^amp] Anonymous FLo [‹‹‹ (89 backstabs)
Baseball freak United statesarto (9 bat kills)
Beep Beep Beep United statesSutex (43 Sentry Kills lvl 3)
Best Latency United statesnilloc (25 ms average connection)
Blocker   (Nobody)
Blutsauger United states[LKM818]The Green Crayon (37 times sucked blood)
Bob the Builder United statesPoopface (26 sentry guns built)
Broken Back   (Nobody)
Capturer   (Nobody)
Dangerous Crab   (Nobody)
Defender of the Flag United states[LKM818] River Ratt (11 flag defenses)
Deflected Flare   (Nobody)
Deflected Grenade United statesDaleImperator (1 kills with deflected grenade)
Deflected Rocket United states[Coz] Cockroach (1 kills with deflected rocket)
Deflected Sticky   (Nobody)
Demolition Man United statesThe Glenlivet_we r douche crew (100 pipe bomb kills)
Diplomatic Immunity United statesbkihm (11 kills with the Ambassador)
Dominator   (Nobody)
Don't need to rockets United states[LKM818]Pirate (8 Sentry Kills lvl 2)
Douser United states[PMR]Norman (9 extinguishes with Jarate)
Drunken Demoman United statesThe Glenlivet_we r douche crew (25 bottle kills)
Engi of Engis United statesSutex (51 Total Sentry Kills)
Engineer on Rage United states[LKM818] River Ratt (7 wrench kills)
Fast and Furious United statesOCD (20 scattergun kills)
Fisting king United statesΞ۩ĐŦŞ۩Ξ Victor 88 (7 fistings)
Flare Gun United states[hadouken]chopstxxx (8 flare gun kills)
Give It a Little Blow United states[hadouken]chopstxxx (20 extinguishes with Flamethrower)
Grave Digger United states[LKM818] UberLoveLlama (2 shovel kills)
Hadouken United states[hadouken]chopstxxx (2 kills with Hadouken)
Heavy surgery United states[GBP]Kenjum[√-M] (2 KGB kills)
Home Run King   (Nobody)
Hungry Hungry Heavy United statesAustinguru (49 sandviches eaten)
King of vengence   (Nobody)
Medic Assistance United statesthewolfe (204 medic assists)
Most Bonus Points United statesKG6YLC -=CW=- (2101 bonus points)
Most dominated   (Nobody)
Most Kills United statesAustinguru (260 kills)
Mr. Sandman United statesHotshot404 (3 kills with the Sandman)
Nataschas Friend United statesAustinguru (230 Natascha kills)
NO METAL FOR YOU! United states[^amp] Anonymous FLo [‹‹‹ (12 dispensers destroyed)
Now that's a knife United states((Pancake Justice)) Flapjacks (9 machete kills)
Peek a Boo United states[LKM818-TF] Koza (9 Sentry Kills lvl 1)
Pistol United statesDOOM (3 pistol kills)
POW! Ha Ha   (Nobody)
Pyro United statesAce (116 flame burnings)
Quivering Fool United statesakai (82 kills with the Huntsman)
Razor Breakin   (Nobody)
Remote Demolition Man CanadaHanz919 [CANADA] (69 pipe bomb kills)
Robin Hood   (Nobody)
Say no to sentries United statesKG6YLC -=CW=- (19 sentry guns destroyed)
Scout Pistol United statesbkihm (6 pistol kills)
Shotgun United states[LKM818-TF] Koza (16 shotgun kills)
Shotgun Heavy United statesbkihm (2 shotgun kills)
Shotgun Pyro United statesAce (16 shotgun kills)
Shotgun Soldier United states-{BAMF}- Wiltallica (21 shotgun kills)
Soldier United states-{BAMF}- Wiltallica (151 rocket kills)
Stabber United states[^amp] Anonymous FLo [‹‹‹ (92 knifings)
Submachine gun United states[LKM818-TF] Koza (6 smg kills)
Super Sapper United statesKG6YLC -=CW=- (70 sappers placed)
Terminator United statesΞ۩ĐŦŞ۩Ξ Victor 88 (90 minigun kills)
The Injector CanadaCydro 'Catalyst' Harbon (5 syringe kills)
The Mad Capper United statesKG6YLC -=CW=- (9 flag captures)
The Saw United states[LKM818]The Green Crayon (3 sawed bones)
Top Sniper United statesSir_Blart (64 snipings)
Ubermedic United statesthewolfe (51 deployed charges)
Ubersaw CanadaLord Huggington (11 kills with ubersaw)
Urine' For A Surprise   (Nobody)
Wayne United states[^amp] Anonymous FLo [‹‹‹ (3 revolver kills)
Who wants some of this? United statesThe Spy Whisperer (23 kills with the Force-A-Nature)
Yellow Bellied Spies   (Nobody)

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