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Just Talk About nothing really

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Default Hans' Timeline

Okay Sort, get out your red pen.

So, not a huge deal or anything, I just want to make sure I have this right.

It's a little funky because Hans' colors don't line up with the cycles in an intuitive way to me.

The most important part, the part I would like verified, is when to shoot and when not to.

So, as this diagram shows, stop shooting at each color change and start shooting again as soon as he's done healing, right?

Feel free to correct anything as needed.

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Default Re: Hans' Timeline
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Default Re: Hans' Timeline

Looks right to me.

As a shooter you watch out for the color change, that's the visual cue to stop shooting. He does his smoke/summon zed animation which gives you time to reload and then grab a person to heal. By the time he's grabbed someone you should be reloaded and holding the medic pistol which you can use to kill zeds and toss 2 healing darts into his target. Medic should have dropped a healing grenade at the start of the grab. If the team is on top of things the person he's healing from will stay in the 70-100% range as opposed to the 20-50% range. Ending the heal animation with the person at 20% means they will die if they get hit. He actually doesn't attack immediately so there is time to run from him if needed but he will do grenades so you don't want to run into them either.

We typically do a strategy using a berserker to circle strafe hans. When he focuses on the strafing playing he becomes focused on turning and will rarely attack. Keep enough distance so that he doesn't change targets. It doesn't have to be a berserker strafing him either, any class can do it. A medic is probably better just do to the extra health. Medics still get movement speed bonus. Zerker grenades are useless on the boss as far as i know, not even sure if his damage reduction perk works against hans. Melee medic would have extra heal grenades. You don't have to melee either, it can be done with ranged weapons.

Too pull off the strafing strategy you need a player to have a full circle around hans. This means that objects and zeds getting in the way will disrupt the strategy and can easily wipe the strafing player. So to that end you always want to set up in a wide open area. It may seem odd as there is little to no cover but once strafing there is really no need because he won't attack significantly.

So as a player using this strategy you want to be focused on positioning of the boss at the start of the engagement. Help pull him into the open and get him to the strafing player. If he focuses on you as a player think about how you can move to better hans position to employ the strafing strategy (middle of open room).
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