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Default Re: So you want to be Gordon M*TH*R F***ING RAMSEY..or the cooking thread

Originally Posted by mori View Post
Where the HELL do you get 8 lb pork shoulders?! So jealous! Biggest I've ever seen at the grocery stores around here was 5 lb, and most places only stock ones that barely hit 2-3 lb.
Actually I got at the local Kroger store. (Grocery Store) Do they have Krogers in the West? They also have some really large pork loins and both Pork and Beef Ribs. My next smoking attempt is going to be some whole Salmon filets because I've never smoked fish.

-Demo- I ate pulled pork every night for Dinner for a week. My wife would say "What do you want for dinner?" I would smile and she finally gave up and would make herself dinner and let me eat pulled pork sandwiches for a week. I want to make my own sauce. I 've been researching some vinegar based sauces on the internet.

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