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Default Re: DnD rather than poker on April 16th 2015

What is your Class (Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, etc.) ?

What is your Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc.)?
Pegasus unicorn centaur. Much like this one.

What is your Profession (Adventurer, Farmer, Merchant, etc.)?

Pick 2 attributes you're good at and 2 that you're bad at. The other 2 are average:

Attributes I am good at: Strength and the charisma series
Attributes I am bad at: The endurance series and intelligence
Attributes where I am average: Dexterity series and wisdom series

Why are you useful in a fight?
I can cause a distraction by pooping a rainbow which will allow time for myself and 2 to 3 passengers to flee the fight by flying if need be. I can also cast spells/use magic from my almighty unicorn horn.

How do you fight?
Please see the answer to Why are you useful in a fight?

How did you learn to fight like that?
I was trained by my Pegasus unicorn centaur pack on the ways of our race.

What can you do outside of a fight?
POOP RAINBOWS!!! I can also use my almighty unicorn horn magic to heal and spread joy with my stunning appearance and charisma

What makes you unique in the world?
I am a first class animal trainer and according to my predecessor, short leg the awful lion tamer, I was ranked 7th in a french speaking tournament in the 6th grade.

What are you good at? (pick as many things as you'd like)
I have really big hands

What are you bad at? (pick the same number of things as you're good at)
carrying more than 3 passengers at a time makes me slow and unstable.

What is your deepest secret?
I am a drunken trap.

What do you look like?
Please see attached image. Only my wings are on my horse body and not attached to my arms.

What is your name?

Why do you need to find a Unicorn? How have you been going about trying to find one?
I wish to reconnect with my full unicorn nature as well as to mate with as many unicorns as possible so that one day my spawn will take over the world and destroy all other races.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I am a Pegasus unicorn centaur Hitler and we just don't know it yet.

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