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Default Re: DnD rather than poker on April 16th 2015

I am not saying I will be original but: Yanick

What is your Class (Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, etc.) ?
What is your Race (Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc.)?
What is your Profession (Adventurer, Farmer, Merchant, etc.)?
Adventurer (unwilling)
Pick 2 attributes you're good at and 2 that you're bad at. The other 2 are average:

-Strength --
-Dexterity, Agility, Speed ++
-Constitution, Endurance, Durability -
-Intelligence +
-Wisdom, Cunning, Perceptivness, Instinct ++
-Charisma, Charm, Social Niceties, Appearance -

Why are you useful in a fight?
I can run away very quickly

How do you fight?
I try to avoid it

How did you learn to fight like that?
Been beaten up quite a bit

What can you do outside of a fight?
Look for a place where fighting can be avoided and possible finding a large dinner

What makes you unique in the world?
My hat says Wizzard

What are you good at? (pick as many things as you'd like)
Running, Fleeing, Staying alive, Lucky

What are you bad at? (pick the same number of things as you're good at)
Spells, Weapons,

What is your deepest secret?
I am really really bad at magic

What do you look like?
Tall, lanky, scruffy

What is your name?
Rincewind... nope Yankik

Why do you need to find a Unicorn? How have you been going about trying to find one?
I need one to pass my wizarding exam. "Here horsey horsey, I have a nice carrot"

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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