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Default Re: DnD rather than poker on April 16th 2015

What is your Class ? Ninja

What is your Race ? Dwarf!

What is your Profession ? Peddler/traveling merchant

Pick 2 attributes you're good at and 2 that you're bad at. The other 2 are average:

-Strength -Bad
-Dexterity, Agility, Speed- Good
-Constitution, Endurance, Durability - Bad
-Intelligence- Average
-Wisdom, Cunning, Perceptivness, Instinct -Good
-Charisma, Charm, Social Niceties, Appearance -Average

Why are you useful in a fight? can take out people beforehand without alerting people

How do you fight? Stealth and Cunning

How did you learn to fight like that? years of training

What can you do outside of a fight? scout

What makes you unique in the world? I have typical merchant stuff, but I also deal in more rare and hard to come by objects.

What are you good at? reading people, alchemy, climbing through treetops

What are you bad at? long fights, horse riding, long distance running

What is your deepest secret? N/A... will be PM-ing

What do you look like? ..... me

What is your name? Mei Li

Why do you need to find a Unicorn? How have you been going about trying to find one? The horn is valuable on the black market. I've been going to various pubs/taverns/inns talking to people, and have joined on a couple hunting parties.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

"Art thou a witch viva Espaņa?"

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