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Chairman of the Bored
home.gif find.gif 10-09-2009 733 11-04-2017 mori will become famous soon enough mori's Avatar   San Jacintoyour younger sisterI sneak into peoples' back yardsShake'N'Bakesarcasmdisturbing spraysMY GIGANTIC SCHLONG which BB lovesI posted that already
Ha-mm sup low
Send a message via AIM to Norman Send a message via Yahoo to Norman   find.gif 10-02-2009 351 09-12-2013 Norman is on a distinguished road Norman's Avatar   A DesertMasterbationDH's Graphics BitchSoldierThe HuntsmanFlare GunKillingGlovesOfBoxingI wanna be LKM
  find.gif 09-15-2010 68 10-30-2013 HumanResourcesInc is on a distinguished road HumanResourcesInc's Avatar June 5, 1967 San Francisco, CA  whatever class is neededbeerbourbonArgentumNONE YET
  find.gif 11-01-2009 700 03-25-2017 sortilege is on a distinguished road     Arizonatf2 The one that noone else is playing, spy, demoI stab you in the back in a no homo way, like with a knife, an actual knife, not a metaphorical oneStickiesBottleYou got "Shorted!"
LKM Regular
  find.gif 10-18-2009 301 12-23-2013 Dark is on a distinguished road Dark's Avatar April 24, 1986 Chico       
Slayer of virginity
  find.gif 09-24-2009 659 N/A DerHelm is on a distinguished road DerHelm's Avatar February 25, 1976 818Hugs!!!!!!!!HandSoliAir BlastAir BLASTAIR BLASTI'm cute and creepy?
Grand Muff Tarkin
  find.gif 10-09-2009 324 05-19-2016 riboflavin is on a distinguished road riboflavin's Avatar   Somewhere in MississippiGaming,reading sci/fant, fishingCasino Gaming RelatedMedicFlamethrowerBlutsaugerUbersaw 
  find.gif 10-20-2009 42 09-17-2018 Gork is on a distinguished road Gork's Avatar           
Let's get Sinycal!
  find.gif 10-21-2009 128 08-27-2016 Sinycal is on a distinguished road Sinycal's Avatar October 23 Nor CalPlayin' TF2!StudentSniperSniper RifleJarateKukri 
Tokyo Sandblaster
Junior Waster of Time
  find.gif 01-29-2011 89 02-11-2018 Tokyo Sandblaster is on a distinguished road Tokyo Sandblaster's Avatar   in my houseMovies, and getting into grad school to make moviesraped by a giraffeWhatever I want to goof off with, mostly soldierMilitary budget cuts, aka the bow and arrowThe Baby Punters!The Ex GirlfriendNONE YET
May Contain Kidneys
  find.gif 10-10-2009 10 01-25-2018 Hickadam is on a distinguished road Hickadam's Avatar   CanadaGame MappingNetwork Administrator     
Rage Quiter
  find.gif 10-19-2009 321 06-21-2017 Demosthenes is on a distinguished road Demosthenes's Avatar           
LKM Elder Statesman
  find.gif 10-09-2009 69 01-19-2012 billy is on a distinguished road billy's Avatar July 11, 1947 Ramona       
Politely Offensive
  find.gif 10-10-2009 157 07-20-2011 Bodnoirbabe is on a distinguished road Bodnoirbabe's Avatar October 1 State of Confusion       
Send a message via AIM to Fonix   find.gif 10-19-2009 20 04-20-2010 Fonix is on a distinguished road Fonix's Avatar July 2 916 Crimefigher     
Rebel Yell
  find.gif 10-10-2009 205 07-29-2015 LiveBait is on a distinguished road LiveBait's Avatar           
Senior Member
  find.gif 11-18-2009 323 06-07-2017 PostalSmurf is on a distinguished road PostalSmurf's Avatar   Washington StateTF2, Cognac,TF2 creating my own small army of SmurfsCould be computer related, possibly involve serversSpyKnifePistolKnife 
Senior Member
  find.gif 10-19-2009 55 03-02-2015 slevin is on a distinguished road slevin's Avatar October 4, 1989         
  find.gif 09-24-2009 63 01-25-2018 tread is on a distinguished road tread's Avatar April 8, 1973 North Hills, CAYou looking at me?IT     
  find.gif 06-18-2011 91 09-25-2018 525 is on a distinguished road     San Diego  Soldier latelyStock Rocket Launcher Escape PlanNONE YET
LKM Therapist
  find.gif 10-09-2009 108 04-01-2011 Argentum is on a distinguished road Argentum's Avatar April 23, 1969 Canada  EngineerBeerAnother BeerWrenchLKM The rapist
LKM's08 EpicFailurewinner
  find.gif 10-02-2009 417 N/A MuddPuppy is on a distinguished road MuddPuppy's Avatar September 18, 1984 Corona, CaFailureEpic FailureSoldierRocket LaunchershotgunShovelwho did that!!!!!!
That Little Bastard
  find.gif 10-09-2009 273 05-24-2017 shakenbake is on a distinguished road shakenbake's Avatar December 22, 1986 East Bayyo mommaTeleporterEngiLvl 1 SentryLvl 1 Sentry (Water)Grimm's Mom 
Senior Lurker
home.gif find.gif 06-28-2011 9 06-28-2017 SquirmlesTF2 is on a distinguished road SquirmlesTF2's Avatar   Granada HillsTF2, abstract strategy games, classic arcades, frisbee, film makingfilm makerDemomanStickiesmore stickieswhat is melee?NONE YET
Junior Member
  find.gif 09-26-2013 27 11-23-2016 AdorkableLin is on a distinguished road AdorkableLin's Avatar   San Gabriel :)Badminton, Jogging, etc.RNWhat ever Helmet likes to playWet PastaMy MouthMy VibratorDH can touch my "phone"
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Junior Member
  find.gif 02-13-2011 19 04-12-2013 Giuseppe Garibaldi is on a distinguished road   November 9, 1986 Inner SE, Portland, ORCookingCollecting unemploymentMedicDeegweesahKritzGRUNONE YET
  find.gif 04-23-2011 43 10-20-2018 grimm_will is on a distinguished road grimm_will's Avatar   dallas, tx  not sniperrocket launchersupriseanything in the backNONE YET
Mr Fox
Über Pyro
  find.gif 11-25-2011 13 05-09-2014 Mr Fox is on a distinguished road     Santa Clarita, CaCyclist and GamerIT ProfessionalPyro,EngiTrogdor, The Burninator (Degreaser)Scorch ShotAxetinguisherNONE YET
Junior Member
  find.gif 07-07-2010 1 10-21-2013 squirmles is on a distinguished road        engineereggsaladsandwichNONE YET
[r][u][d][e] [OT]
Senior Member
Send a message via AIM to [r][u][d][e] [OT] Send a message via Skype™ to [r][u][d][e] [OT] home.gif find.gif 08-27-2010 272 N/A [r][u][d][e] [OT] is on a distinguished road [r][u][d][e] [OT]'s Avatar February 29 behind the orange curtain fancy internet thingsYour mom   NONE YET
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